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Thursday, 12 December 2013

Rahul Gandhi disappointed with Supreme Court order on section 377

Rahul Gandhi has slammed Supreme court verdict which upheld  Indian penal code section 377 and also spoke that people should have their right of freedom of expression on this as well.  And also said that "My personal opinion is that theses are issues lefts to individuals. I agree with Delhi high court's view on decriminalizing gay sex.

Congress President Sonia Gandhi , Union Ministers Kapil Sibal and P Chidambaram have also raised issue over the Supreme Court order by calling it unfortunate and regressive.

Madam Sonia Gandhi has released a statement saying she is disappointed with Supreme court order that has reversed the High court ( Delhi ) order on homosexuality."I hope the Parliament will address the problem and maintain the constitutional guarantee of life and liberty to all Indian citizens, including all of those who have been effected directly

Chidambaram said that " It's gone back to 1860 , i don't want to take the names of those politicians opposing it, it's unfortunate. the administration must go for review petition or curative petition.

The opinion were echoed by Kapil Sibal who tweeted : " The Government is considering all the options to recover the Delhi high court verdict on # 377. we must decriminalize adult consensual relationships.

But BJP'S  M.p Yogi Adityanath said that " I welcome Supreme court Verdict , and will oppose any move to change the law.

Jannata Dal M.P Shivanand Tiwari spoken against the Supreme court order criminalizing gay sex. I will not support the decision given by supreme court , and my view is that Delhi high court order was practical and constitutional.

Upholding Indian Penal code section 377 and establishing aside Delhi high court ruling that decriminalized homosexuality, the Supreme court had on Wednesday ordered gay sex as illegal . As the decision invoked angry reactions from the LGBT community ,religious groups hailed the Verdict

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