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Saturday, 1 December 2012

how to grow hair

Here we  describe some tips that you to follow at home for good hair growth

1) MEDITATION- practice meditation , you may believe or not, the most of times, the root cause for thinning locks is stress. Relaxation can helping for reducing stress and recover hormonal stability

2) HOT OIL TREATMENTS- Take any organic oil-olive, grape,, canola-and heat it lightly. Rub it carefully into your head. then put a shower cap for some time and wash it with water it works as a shampoo.
3) HEAD MESSAGES- Rubbing your head for a few minutes daily will help activate movement. blood circulation will be improved by massage

4) HAIR DEVELOPMENT SUPPLEMENTS; Daily intake of biotin and vitamin b folic acid pill's locks and adds volume to hair, thus  the  lock would be free from split ends and grow longer.. you can also take vitamin A,C and E for sleek, silky hair
Eat green spinach, eggs and green beans in your diet to get a faster result.

 5) ONION JUICE- Onion juice that is rubbed into the hair is also an effective organic remedy for hair regrowth

6) ALEO VERA- Aleo vera has been used for hundred of years to avoid  thinning hair, cleanse pores and stability your Ph levels.

7) HENNA-This traditional Indian native herb encourages  healthier hair and cures the hair base preventing damage.
Rub henna into your hair deeply , ans wash it after some time

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