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Wednesday, 14 November 2012


Release Date : Jan 11, 2013

Studio : Open Road Films

Director : Mike Tiddes

Screen Writer : Marlon Wayans, John Alvarez

Starring : Manrlon Wayans, Chip Swardson, Bob Koechner, Substance Low carb, Cedric the Entertainer, Bobbie Lee, Lady Sheridan

Genre: Comedy, Scary, Thriller

MPAA Rating : R(for raw and sex related material, terminology and some medication use)

This Supernatural Action sendup  or something like it was probably expected. Marlon Wayans, Substance Low carb, Bob Koechener, Chip Swardson and Cedric the Entertainer spoof the found-footage horror category in A Haunted Home. Released by wayans and John Alvarez and directed by Eileen Tiddes, the Start Street Movies launch reveals Jan 11, 2013.

Marlon Wayans will pay regard to Mantan Moreland by spoofing the discovered video categfory with A Haunted Home, which attracts its humorousness from such latest haint-filled echilaration trips as Supernatural Action and The Apparition. The first movie trailer has came, presenting funny materminds Cedric the Entertainer, Chip Swardson, Bob Koechner, and the wonderful Substance Lowcarb, who establishes she can harm it up with the best of them. Watch as young couple fine more than they bargained for in their new home.

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