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Wednesday, 14 November 2012


WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Sea Corps Common Bob Allen, the soberly official, spit-and-polish go of U.S.  and worldwide causes in Afganistan, is not a army innovator whose picture immediately brings up the phrase "flirtatious."

The four-star general, who prevailed Common Bob Petraeus last season as go of the International Protection Support Power, is known for his capacity to execute with tribe sheikhs, a expertise that assisted him convert the trend againest al Qaeda in Anbar Region in Irak five decades ago and has presented him well in Afghanistan.

So the information that Allen, A 36-year expert of the Sea Corps, had been snared in the same research that convinced the registration of Petraeus as CIA home the other day was welcomed with shock at the Government and elsewhere in California.

John Ullyot, who provided under Allen at Camping Lejeune in Nothern Carolina in 1993, said he was all about "setting the example" for those under him and it was "hard for anyone who ever presented under Allen" to believe he had been drawn into the sensor/probe.

"General Allen has said that he is responsible of any inappropriate actions, " McCain included. "He should get to have us hold consensus until the research is finished."

 Allen, a 1976 Naval Academia graduate student, presented from 2008 to 2011 as deputy innovation of  U.S. Main Control, which manager U.S. army transactions with nations from the red sea to Kazakhstan, such as Afghanistan and Pakistan.

He was a deputy coaching general of the 2nd Sea Expeditionary Power in Irak from 2006 to 2008.

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