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Thursday, 29 November 2012

sunita williams returned after 2nd space mission

Sunita williams, 47 set the history by coming back to world on 20 Nov 2012 from the  ISS from European Soyuz tablet having invested 4 months in the orbit
Her family , which came here on Nov 18 from Birkenstock boston, had indicated appreciation for motivation and wishes by people in Indian for sunuta's safe come back.

while william's will appear in Austin with Hoshide these days, her another other  astronaut Yuri malenchenko is coming back to a European space service outside Moscow.

Their come back has covered a 127-days  space journey  since they released wide from Baikonur cosmodrome, Khzakhastan on 15 September 2012, such as the 125 times on board ISS.

Sunita william's also has the history for maximum  space walking here are at the woman jet pilots. she has  in all 50 hours 40 minutes spacewalking time.

NASA says the coming back adventure performed  a variety of medical tests, such as examining rays levels on the revolving , evaluating results of micro-gravity on the vertebrae and analyzing reducing snow, periodic changed and individual results on the environment.

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