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Thursday, 15 November 2012


Toyota's own faulty requirements led to wednesday's remember of 670,000 older Prius substances in the U.S. for possibly faulty guiding, the car maker recognizes.

And about 350,000 of those same Priuses also were appreciated Wed for water drives that could cause they vehicles towait.

The guiding problem "is a design -related issue inadequate firmness on the requirements," says Mark Lyons, Toyota's representative for issues of safety in the U.S.

The two U.S. recalls are part of larger international exercises for these problems that protect nearly 2.8 thousand automobiles of different designs.

The U.S. activities protect all second-generation Priuses built from Aug 2003 through Goal 30, 2009. The newest edition of Prius isn't affected, Chevy says.

The guiding problem impacts 10 designs globally. Chevy has allegedly purchased reviews that the splines linking the driving base to the guiding equipment box can deform over time if the rim is generally and vigorously converted to the complete left or complete right position while driving at slowly rates of speed.

Traders will examine the development base and substitute it if needed, which should only take about an hour.

The individual water push remember wed is to fix Priuses' electric drives that flow water to awesome the several program and battery power. If the chilling isn't able, the "check engine'' light lights up and, in the toughest cases, the entire powertrain closes down to avoid warming upthe multiple program, and the car booths.

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