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Sunday, 18 November 2012


The U.S. Countries (UN) has announced Nov 21 World TV Day. And no, the UN hasn't quite done this to motivate us all to watch our recommended programs and comedies - but for a much more serious reason.

The beauty of television is that it's worldwide - significance that news programs transported important signals about world matters and disputes.

World TV Day is not much a party of the device, but rather the viewpoint which it signifies. TV symbolizes a icon for interaction and globalization in the modern world.

It all started in 1996 when the U.S.Countries Organised the first ever World TV Community. Major numbers in the press met to talk about how television could be considerable in showing and delivering  significant changes on the globe as they happen.

The first Globe TV Community was Organised in 1996. Following the forum a quality was approved in the U.S. Countries Common Set up in the month of Dec in 1996 by power of which Twenty-first Nov was therefore successfully organized as the World TV Day. This was a reputation of the wide reach and effect of geo-televisual interaction on the present world circumstance and hence World TV Day was implemented as yet another icon of the power constituted in ne press.

The world Electronic Media Community will supplement the Peak. UNESCO will arrange a course in the structure o this signiicant event to talk about diiculties PSB is experiencing in various parts around the globe and to recommend suggestions.

UNESCO motivated television providing organizations and other press colleagues to be a part o hands and enjoy the World TV Day.

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