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Saturday, 29 December 2012

upcoming movie texas chainsaw 3d

 Texas Chainsaw 3D is an american film yet to be released, which is directed by John Lueaaenhop. , this is the 17 th film from the texas  chainsaw massacre franchise which is going to presented in 3D
 Directed by- John Luessenhop
Written by- Adam Marcus, Debra Sullivan ,
Produced by- Carl Mazzocone
Screenplay by - Kristen Elms, based on characters by , Tobe Hooper, Kim henkel

Main stars of the movie are - Dan Yeager ,Alexandra Daddoario, Tremaine Neverson , Tania Raymonde ,Paul Rae, Thom Barry, Bill Moseley

 Disturbuted by- Lionsgate
Cinematography- Anastas N.Michos
Music by- John Frizzell
Studio - Nu Image, Twisted Pictures, Mainline pictures,
             Millenium films
Release date-  4 January , 2013

Story-Taking from the original story in 1974, the people of newt, Texas decide to burn the Sawyer family's farm house  fro their part in in aiding Jeb sawyer, and also leather face, in number of murders, the total family is assumed dead with the, with exception of an infant, Heather who is placed  with an adoptive family ,after 20 years of her adoption when a lawyer tells  her that long lost grandmother  has left her an inheritance , Heather with her friends move to Texas to  take inheritance, which was unknown to her, includes her cousin Leatherface.

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