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Monday, 21 January 2013

Bajaj sonic

Bajaj is  going to launch its new bike called sonic, sonic is a 100cc DTS-SI Engine , which can produce close up-to 9 BHP  , DTS-SI is one of the best engine for its fuel efficiency , exception's say that  the newer version to be more better and can give economy near to 100 km-pl.
Sonic is also provided with  Exhaust-technology  which helps in the optimum burning of fuel by sending un-burnt gases back to  engine just like an expansion chamber.
its look's funky  and every one could be get attracted by seeing it, it also be designed in such a way that is offer sporty position  for comfortable ride.. it has good suspensions and the multi-meter display that show's spped, time ,trip-meter and also tacho
According to the rumors the bike will be launched by march 2013,
Price India- RS 40,000

Engine type- Air cooled engine 100cc

maxi power-8.20 bhp at 7500 RPM

Maxi torque-8.05 N/m

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