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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

5 tips to gain weight

This article is to those individuals who feel upset by their less weight.Gaining body weight  is easy to many but difficult to some individuals.It can be made possible by combining correct diet and workouts regularly, by the recommended diet and regularity of meals , you can get muscle tissue more quickly.. here we  say about the diet that should be taken to gain weight easily

consuming too much of oily and junk food may put up body-weight sensibly but is might be not beneficial to body consuming of fat existing meals are excellent nutrition. The food which contain fat existing supplements are seafood such as fish and peanuts. Apart from these  consuming lots of proteins from almonds, beans, carbohydrates from whole grains like rice bread and cereal products. also consume variety of fruits and vegetables such as   apple, bananas, melons , blueberry as well as cauliflower, tomato, lettuce , vegetable seedlings and lot more.

It is recommended that to consume sin small meals than that of consuming three big meals that can put up your body weight normally, you should know that  how many calories you intake, and how many you need to gain more weight, suppose you intake 1500 calories per day then you need to improve it for 1800 calories per-day.

Exercise for along time, as your body weight grows their is a need to  create muscle tissue, because your program is to put body weight , you have to concentrate more on weight raising and body building .

other than meals their is a need to take additional drinks  like nutritional drinks and proteins dust.  you can mix up these protein drinks with banana , apple , lemon juices.

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