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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

tips to control diabetics

Diabetics means  many several disorders created by high level of blood and increase urine production

Heart  condition and heart stroke are the big murders for individuals with diabetic issues. we have some ideas that can lower your chances keep your hypertension at or below 129/79, if you smoke then stop smoking.we also have some more ideas that a diabetic patient should follow to keep control over his health

Never feel stressed , stress creates everything  worse learn the ways to decrease your stress which will effect on your health.

Exercise regularly that keep your body fit. it gives you more power , decreases stress , allows you to rest and these results for a good sleep.

Go for frequent check-ups that you may know your health conditions ask your physician all the doubts you have in your mind and make sure of them .

create a better way of eating  that you can keep healthy.Eat a wide range of food make sure that you are getting nutrition supplements  that your body needs.

Use your flashlight  that your blood vessels glucose levels observe  allows you see in the black, like a torch

Avoid intake of sugar at any costs, studies say that intake of proteins , especially animal peitien, may cause insulin resistance , one key factor in diabetes.  

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