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Monday, 3 December 2012

president Abbas return to Palestine, 2nd Dec

Mahmoud Abbas after returning  from New York with UN statehood recognition for Palestine on 2nd Dec, he received a grand welcome from large number of people who greeted him huge flag made of balloons.

Abbas who had a  great reputation for the past months, was peeking from huge  posters on near by president's headquarters in Ramallah. The crowd hoisted Palestine flags and gave a great welcome for the victory in UM vote on up gradation of Palestine status.

Abbas happily said that " we now have a sate " t o cheering Palestine ', " The world has said  loudly, 'yes to the state of Palestine, ".

On  29 Nov 2012, the Palestinians got victory when UN General Assembly recognized as Palestine authority as a non-member  observer state..

President Mahummad Abbas , submitted a Palestian bid, and was approved by the 138 UN members, while 9 voted against  and  41 did not participate in voting.The palestian faced opposition from U.S.A and Isreal..

The movement was to express directly the recognition of Palestian statehood and chances of joining with other bodies of UN.

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