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Monday, 3 December 2012

tips for job interview

I instruct to follow these basic tips before attending an interview.

Firstly make analysis about the organization . you are  certain to be requested particular about the organization and the interview panel member's .so that you can plan how to speak to them.

 Make sure that  whom you are going to meet  so that you can spend time  to energy looking for the whole day.
Get ready for some of frequently asked questions as
1) why are you looking for this job?
2) what are your strengths ?
3) what is your weakness?
4)what are your important accomplishments?
4) what can you do for us?
5) what do you know about our company?
6) what is the salary you are expecting from the company?

on the day of interview examine that you had put up all the necessary certificates in a computer file.Dress up properly with a good outfit that you can make a visible effect it is advised to wear light color  formals to be attractive and simple.

Be in time it is advised to be their half-an -hour before the interview  so that you can rest and relax their. when you go inside make sure that you follow their order's
for example-Don't sit without their permission

Make eye contact with the interview panel members. sit erect and do not mix and uncross your feet.
Pay attention to the interview panel and  respond to them completely straight  with excellent overall tone

follow our twiter pofile-

you should have some concerns with the interview panel members to make sure of your attention

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