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Saturday, 15 December 2012

diabetes symptoms

we here suggest you the symptoms of diabetes, firstly the person who is slightly affected by the diabetics  may feel this symptoms ,

Unusual increase in urination  and thirst: : One of the most important  and the common symptom of diabetes is frequent urination and fell  thirst, this position will occur due to excessive secretion of fluids by kidney , that make your body dehydrated

lose of weight- their will be sudden lose of body weight  with out any effort , this is due to urination and inability o body to absorb glucose.

slow amount of treatment wounds-it takes a long time for a person you is suffering from diabetes  to heal even a small wound, this is due to weak immune system.
Increase in appetite-in the stage of diabetic  the insulin level in the body  will not be normal and thus they cant produce sufficient amount of energy and   cant perform our daily activities

Unclear vision - Due to abnormal increase glucose levels, the body cells get damage and takes out the fluid from the lenses of eyes which results in unclear vision.

Mental influence-Due to unavailability of glucose in the blood cells, there will be lack of energy supply which leads to irritation and tiredness 

Tingling of legs, hands and feet.-Due to the increase in glucose level in blood vessels, that leads to lose of sensation in the hands  and feet, due to loss of  motor nerve there might be  burning sensation in the arms, legs and hands

Dryness of skin-The proper functioning and the circulation of sweat glands will not be continued resulting in itchy and dry skin

Headaches-serious headaches is also one of the rare symptom

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