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Saturday, 15 December 2012

latest movie man of steel

Man of steel the American super hero film yet to be released which was directed  by Zack Synder, produced by Christopher Nolan, and the script writer of the film is David S. Goyer  , Thr film is based on  the DC Comics character Superman  , the re-brand of  superman films, representing the character of source story.The big stars of this film are Henry Cavil l in lead role, with Amy Adams as Lois lane, and Micheal Shannon as common zod.

The planning of man of steel was began in 2008 when Warner brothers. Pictures took pitches from comic book writers, directors and screen writers choosing the restart the franchise.In 2009 , a court ruling announces  in Jerry siegel's family reoccupying the right's to superman's source and siegel's copyright., This judgement stated that Warner brothers did not got  any additional royalties from their previous films, but if they be did not being developed on a superman film

After  the story discussion between Nolan and Goyer's on THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, Synder was employed as director, the photography was started in west Chicago by august 2011 , the film was planned to be released by June 14 2011

Director-Zack Synder
Produced by- Christopher Nolan  Emma Thomas,                              Deborah Snyder, Charles roven,
Screen play-David S. goyer
Story-Christopher Nolan, David s.goyer
Stars-Henry cavil l  , Amy ad mas, Micheal Shannon, Kevin Costner, Diane lane, Laurence fishburne, antje traue, aye let zurer, meloni, Russell crown
Music-Hans zimmer
Cinematography-Amir mokri
Editing-David Brenner
Studio- Legendaty pictures, syn-copy films, DC entertainment
Distributed by-Warner brothers
Story- An alien infant will be raised on earth, and grows over here with superhuman anilities.  He decides to use those abilities to safe this adopted world.

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