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Saturday, 15 December 2012

what is concentration

Concentration is the capacity of an individual to concentrate the brain on a fixed point.we have some excellent and simple tips to enhance concentration power

Always think in a positive way , suppose if you want to pay attention to anything  tell yourself  slightly to concentrate more over it,you will get more capability to go with it.

Exclude negative thought's, that is don't think yourself that  you can't concentrate  to anything , under estimating yourself is the mean issue in concentration , never think in a negative way

Make your feelings free , never get worried of any thing , suppose if are  getting trouble in any issue for ex- if you have any problem in your business then make your mind to feel that the problem is very small i can solve it.
i have a crazy tip i, count Z-A in reverse by closing your eyes by doing it you can improve your concentration power and will be able to face any issue

If you are doing any sort of work go in a step wise manner one-by-one , by doing so if you have completed one work you fell happy about it and can perform the next comfortably if you do more works at a moment that needs a lot of concentration to think in many ways.

love to do the work don't feel the higher projects as stress and pressure,  like your work and perform your best. that develops more concentration power in you.

Dont get worried of the result get start your work comfortably and give your best.Increase will power

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