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Saturday, 15 December 2012

tips for sleep

Are you suffering from a problem of light sleep here we have some tips that can solve your problem and get good sleep

Set a time-table stick to a routine set a time to go to bed as children, setting a particular time  allows you  to know how many hours you need to sleep , make sure that you follow it daily

Always sleep in the night , prevent to sleep in day time, day time sleep makes to sleep late in the night , if you are in need of sleep in day time , make a limit of 30 Min.

Make work outs that can help for a better sleep,  your body needs  the rest period  to recover joints and muscle tissues  that had been worked out. half-an -hour work out can help you to get good sleep, make sure to exercise in the day or afternoon not in the evenings.

Dont take food just before your sleep , at-least you should have a gap of one hour , This allows your digestive system to function well before you go to sleep

Take a hot shower bath  before you go to bed that makes you fell relaxes  and can have a good sleep.

Dont take hot drinks such-as coffee, tea before going to bed.

Read a novel and any fiction guide that makes you  to feel sleep .

I personally feel that you need to make your place cooler to  get sleep as soon as possible, and from my point of view i suggest you to sleep alone with out any music , TV  etc. Avoid intake of liquor before going to bed so that you may feel depressant, although it may get you sleep, it makes you to wake up early in the morning and it can cause many problems to your body,

Discuss about some thing good with an aged person , try to handle your stress dont think of them before your sleep that may   disturb you and your sleep.

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